Art of the future

The ultimate in limitless living.

There has never been a property like Skyblade.
Overlooking the inspirational bay of Cannes, with a unique, cutting edge design and a refined, elegant finish, Skyblade is more than a home where every lifestyle convenience can be found... Skyblade is an experience.

Property overview

The most exclusive address in Cannes.

The Chemin de Collines in the California hills are a sought-after neighbourhood amongst royalty and the international elite. Built directly into the hill’s facade, Skyblade is so discrete that only its state-of-the art security gate can be seen from the approach. Venture beyond this and the villa’s unique features and stylings will not fail to impress.

Skyblade is a true marvel of modern architecture.

Never before has a structure of such scale and ambition been capable of blending so perfectly and effectively into its natural surroundings. It is a design that not only works with but compliments the location’s innate beauty and stunning scenery.


A vision of the future.
A masterpiece of luxury and comfort.

  • Main House with Owner and 2 Family Suites
  • Guest Villa with 5 Guest Suites
  • Exceptional views over Cannes
  • Fully-equipped Spa & Fitness
  •  indoor pool
  • Giant infinity pool
  • Unique outdoor cinema
  • Supercar showroom parking
  • Advanced security systems
  • Fully-integrated house automation
  • Staff apartments with private access
  • Separate professional kitchen


A remarkable feat of engineering,
innovation and design excellence combine to create
a sense of absolute infinity.


From the moment you enter this exceptional property and take in the panoramic, breath-taking Mediterranean vistas, you will know that this is where your life’s journey has been leading...
You will know that you have arrived.


The owner will have complete control over the design and styling of the interior spaces without the need for remodelling, providing a blank canvas to define Skyblade as your own masterpiece.

To visualise the possibilities of Skyblade as an exceptional living space, the designers have created photorealistic 3D simulations of the environment in 3 different styles.